Handling Hail Claims and Repairs

Hail storms roll through North Texas almost every Spring causing vehicle damage. Do you have hail damage? Have you filed a claim? Hail claims will not go against your driving record and should not effect insurance rates. Nu Way Car Center has been in business in the same location for over 20 years.  Therefore we strive to make the claims process stress-free for our customers. The steps listed below explain how to handle your hail claim.

* Call your insurance company and file a claim. A claim number will be provided to you.
* An adjuster will be scheduled to assess the hail damage and write an estimate.
* Drop your vehicle off at Nu Way Car Center along with the insurance estimate. We do not need to write an estimate. Repairs are started from the insurance estimate.
* As a result of estimates being preliminary, most will need revising. Therefore we will review your estimate and if any additional repairs are needed a supplement is submitted to your insurance
* Once supplements are approved repairs will begin.
* Customers are updated throughout the repair process.

In conclusion we hope these steps help explain the hail claims process. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Nu Way Car Center.

Hail Claims