Insurance repair estimate seem too low?


If you have filed an accident claim your insurance company will send an adjuster to your location to write a repair estimate.  If damage makes your car undrivable, such as leaking fluids or broken headlights tow it to the auto body repair shop. You can have repairs done at a shop of your choice. Insurance companies can not tell customers where to have repairs done.  Adjusters will go the shop to write the estimate.  After reviewing the estimate it may seem too low to repair your car correctly. Estimates are preliminary and  based on visual damage only. Adjusters will not take your car apart to reveal hidden damage.

Auto body shops review the estimate andrepair estimate do a tear down on your car. Tear down means the auto body repair technician removes damaged parts to reveal hidden damage. The car in the photo has hidden damage. When hidden damage is found the repair shop writes a supplement. Supplements will be sent to your insurance company.  Auto body shops negotiate supplements with adjusters on the customers behalf. Nu Way Car Center in Arlington Texas has over 20 years experience handling  insurance claims for our customers. Bring your car and insurance repair estimate to us and we will handle the rest for you.