Potholes and vehicle damage


What causes these road hazards? Water in soil under pavement weakens it and causes cracking. Driving over these weakened areas day after day loosens and breaks the pavement. Hence-Potholes! Have you noticed after a snow, rain or ice storm these holes become deeper? All of us have come across these eyesores driving around town. Usually by the time we see one it’s too late.  We don’t have enough time to slow down. Swerving to avoid them is not a good idea either. You could hit a car in the lane beside you. Unfortunately you may hit a pothole pretty hard causing damage to your vehicle. These damages can be costly to repair. Do you have damage from these unsightly road hazards? Nu Way Car Center in Arlington can check vehicles for damage and provide an estimates for repairs.


  • TIRES:  Your tires may be cut, bulge or possibly become flat. Maintaining the correct tire pressure can help cushion the impact.
  • WHEELS: Your wheels may get scraped or crack.
  • BUMPER COVERS AND SIDE SKIRTS: Low hanging bumpers or side skirts may get scraped or cracked.
  • EXHAUST: Your exhaust may get scraped or dented after “bottoming out.”
  • SUSPENSION: Your struts, ball joints and tie rods may get damaged. Misalignment can occur also.

Contact The Department of Public Works and Transportation in your city for pothole repair.  Repair time is usually a few days after being reported.