Nu Way Car Center is a leading company in bumper repair services and auto body repairs in Arlington, Texas. Our teams of highly trained technicians are experts in dealing with almost all car brands. Through economical pricing and quality work we have developed a circle of valued customers who place firm belief in our unmatched bumper repair services.

A bumper does a lot more than just make a car look aesthetically pleasing or complete. It protects from extensive body damage keeping passengers safe and a car in drivable condition. Bumpers also protect from major frame damage, which can be expensive to repair.

Many bumper repair shops in the Fort Worth, Texas area try to convince customers to replace bumpers and that can drive up costs. When our qualified technicians are consulted we try to solve your problem in the cheapest most effective way possible. Paintless bumper repair is the most innovative practice in auto bumper repair and we have adopted that technology in our offerings. An exquisite finish while maintaining your vehicle’s original paint leading to an undetectable repair job is Nu Way’s main objective.

We focus on making your bumper look like nothing ever happened to it. If a naked eye can point out a repaired bumper then it hasn’t been done properly. Our bumper repair service can make scuffs, scratches, dents and cracks look like they were never there. Guaranteed premium finishing is what we offer at Nu Way Car Center in Arlington.

Customers worry about dealing with insurance companies even after a “fender bender” level collision. Nu Way puts its clients at ease by dealing with everything to do with insurance on your car. Our main aim is to offer the most convenient service thus pick-up and drop off is also provided.

If you happen to live in Arlington, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie or Mansfield, Nu Way Car Center will help to save your valuable time and hard earned money through its services. Contact us today for a free quote.