Have you ever felt your car swaying left or right every time you take your hands off the steering wheel? If yes, your car might need a wheel alignment. Wear and tear through driving over poorly maintained roads in different parts of Arlington or Fort Worth can disrupt the perfect synchronization between the steering and tires.

It is not only dangerous to have your car sway away every time the steering is free but also bad for your tires. Bad alignment can cause tires to start wearing out quicker than expected which can lead to a rough ride. This can also have an impact on your suspension and will make crucial parts wear out faster. In the long run we have seen customers spend excessive amount of money trying to replace parts which wouldn’t have worn out if an occasional wheel alignment was done.

Our experts at Nu Way car center in Arlington offer highly technologized auto alignment services. We ensure that your vehicle drives smoother and tires last longer. Having a perfectly aligned car also means high gas mileage and ultimately lower costs. People assume that wheel alignment is expensive but it is probably one of the cheapest ways to keep your car maintained through years of use.

Our latest laser alignment equipment can work on any make or model, domestic or foreign. If you happen to live in Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth or Arlington, don’t think twice about consulting anyone else except the specialists at Nu Way car center. Call us today to schedule on an appointment or just walk in.