The windshield is a crucial part of a vehicle’s safety feature. Since glass is usually associated with cuts and injuries, we tend to over look its existence as something, which protects us during an auto collision. Factory fitted windshields and glass fittings on a car are generally well done but after a crash they have to be mounted perfectly to avoid serious bodily injuries to passengers.

Auto windscreen replacement specialists in Arlington, Nu Way’s expert technicians are trained to the industry’s highest standards and are constantly educated about innovations in the industry. We perform a variety of different services on auto glass repair. One of the most common ones is windshield crack repair.

Relatively smaller cracks on windshields are caused by gravel or smaller objects and can be fixed cheaply. Getting the glass repaired early can save you the trouble of getting the windshield completely replaced and also avoids further cracks and chips. If the crack on your vehicle seems to be bigger than a dollar bill, then there is a high chance that it might have to be replaced otherwise we can get it back to perfection in under a day.

If your windscreen has sustained major damage after a collision or that little piece of gravel caused your whole windshield to shatter, Nu Way can replace the full screen without any hassle. Even though this option is comparatively a little more expensive than glass crack repair, it will ensure your safety on the highway.

It can be a tough choice for customers if they only want to get a crack repaired or change the windshield completely. If you happen to live in Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield or Grand Prairie, Nu Way car center can provide you with honest consultation and car windscreen replacement services. Contact us today to get a free quote.