5 ways to increase gas mileage

Gas mileage is the number of miles driven to the gallons of gas used. Gas prices change on a daily basis. Did you know there are ways to increase gas mileage? Following these tips will help you save money at the gas pumps.

  • PROPER TIRE INFLATION: Properly inflated tires may reduce gas consumption by up to 3%. The sticker located on the inside of your drivers door indicates the correct tire pressure for your car.
  • REDUCE EXTRA WEIGHT: Do you really need all those extra shoes, clothes, books and sports equipment in your trunk? Cleaning out all the extra junk in your car may increase gas use by 1-2%.
  • REGULAR TUNE-UPS: Your vehicle should be tuned-up regularly. Check your spark plugs, change the oil and change the air filter. A well tuned car may improve gas mileage up to 4%.
  • CHECK YOUR FUEL FILTER: Fuel filters are located in the fuel line and help to remove contaminants. Clogged filters may reduce fuel economy.
  • DO NOT SPEED: You all have hectic busy lifestyles and may be running late to work or school. Speeding is a not good idea because it ‘s dangerous and it reduces gas mileage.  How? Speeding up to 75 mph uses more gas. The faster you drive the more gas is needed to power the car because the aerodynamic drag increases.

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