Is my insurance estimate too low?

You have received an insurance estimate for damages to your vehicle. After reading the estimate you think it’s too low. But don’t worry, it probably is. 99% of insurance estimates written are too low. Keep in mind that insurance estimates are preliminary. Insurance appraisers can only write estimates for damages that are visible. You can bring your vehicle to Nu Way Car Center in Arlington. We will do a” tear down” and review your insurance estimate. A tear down means to remove parts damaged by the accident to expose any hidden damage. Take a look at the photo below. The vehicle has hidden damage and tear down is needed.

If more damage is found a supplement will be sent to the insurance company using our computerized estimating system. This estimating system allows us to upload supplements, documents and photos to insurance companies. Using this process saves time for you, the shop and the insurance company. The insurance company will review supplements and can usually approve them without having to do a re-inspection at the shop. Once supplements are approved repairs can continue.

Nu Way Car Center has been handling insurance claims and supplements for over 20 years. Let us handle your insurance claim to ensure all repairs are done correctly.


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