An alternator is a vital part of your car’s internals. It not only charges the battery while you drive, but also provides energy to power the lights, stereo and other accessories running in your car.

How to know when you need an alternator repair/replacement?

There are some symptoms of an alternator which needs either a replacement or repair. If you feel that your car’s ignition is taking longer than expected and is making that cranking sound for longer than usual then it is recommended to get it checked out. Another way to notice a failing alternator is if your lights do not seem to light up fully and seem to be dim. However a red flag for this type of situation is when the battery light shows up on your dashboard. That light shows that the alternator is not charging your battery, which can eventually lead to a more expensive repair job.

When you bring your vehicle to Nu Way Car Center in Arlington, we do a thorough inspection of your alternator and battery through a voltage check. The voltage should range from 14 to 14.4 volts. The ideal voltage is 14.2 volts so after testing, your vehicle’s voltage is less than 14 volts or over than 14.4 volts, we recommend an alternator repair or replacement. Depending on the damage done, our expert technicians will give you the best advice.

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