A perfect glossy auto painting job can be tricky. Many collision experts in the Arlington/Fort Worth area use outdated equipment to get the job done but at Nu Way Car Center we use the latest technology offering smooth finishing at great prices.

We not only cater to auto painting for collision cars but also for vehicles, which have gone through wear and tear over the years. If that little scratch on your bumper, which annoys you every time you look at it, needs to be re-touched on, we do that too. We treat our cars with utmost care and if you happen to live in cities like Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield or Grand Prairie and your car has been a victim of the Texan sun, bring it to us and watch it transform.

Buying a car in a certain color is preferred but over time many people tend to get bored of watching the same color everyday. Nu Way car center specializes in full auto body painting so you can get that new car feel without actually buying one.

For future protection we encourage our customers to apply a clear coat to make your auto body paint shine for longer. No matter if its summer or winter, you wouldn’t have to worry about your car being parked outside.

Computerized paint systems with the ability to offer perfect color matching gives excellent results. Our custom-built paint booths provide a pristine environment for auto body painting in Arlington. With years of experience and fluid hands, our expert painters will surprise you with their work. At the end of the process we guarantee premium finish on a car that you’ll be proud to drive. Contact us today for a free auto painting consultation.