Nu Way’s auto body collision services specialize in car frame repair caused by impactful crashes. A hard collision can lead to a damaged chassis or frame and working on perfecting it back to its exact form is not only difficult but also dangerous.

Our team of highly trained auto body technicians in Arlington has the right experience and the expertise to repair auto frames back to their original specifications. We have worked on numerous cars over the years and are able to tackle any type of frame repair work in the Fort Worth, Mansfield, Grand Prairie and Arlington region.

Computerized tools, which are able to precisely align metal frames, are incorporated in our practices. We employ ultrasound technology to derive the extent of damage that your auto frame might have incurred during a crash. To get the exact angles and measurements right we use laser technology, which leaves zero room for error in our restoration efforts.

While the method mentioned above is used to straighten car frames, a more thorough method, which requires welding, may also be considered. When metal gets too bent its not easy to restore it back to its original form. It has to be cut out and a new piece has to be welded on. Although welding can cause the overall strength of the frame to decline, it is better than replacing the whole frame as that is more costly.

Nu Way’s professional frame repair technicians are one of the few specialists for auto frame repair in Arlington and would be happy to assist you in restoring you car back to its original form. Contact us to get a free consultation.