Glass headlights are a thing of the past since most cars now have polycarbonate headlights. Aerodynamic shape and high durability are the main advantages associated with polycarbonate headlights but there are some common drawbacks too.

If you have been experiencing cloudy headlights with a yellow or dim tint then Nu Way can help you see crystal clear at night on Arlington’s roads once again. We offer affordable auto headlight restoration services with protective UV coating so you’re safe driving at night.

Nu Way’s headlight restoration service is like no other. We do not just open the headlight and wipe it with a chemical. Our team of experienced technicians fully refinishes your headlights. This process includes removing all the yellow oxidation on the plastic and making the bare plastic surface exposed again. After this is done a highly effective UV coating is added to protect the plastic from getting oxidized again.

Our auto headlight restoration service will bring back your plastic back to its clear form permanently at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new headlight assemblies. If you reside in Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield or Grand Prairie then you can avail our expert service. Contact us for a free quotation.