Has your car been heating up recently? Our cars can sometimes get overwhelmed with the Texas heat and tend to leave us stranded without transport at crucial times. To avoid this from happening it is encouraged to occasionally get your radiator checked for potential leaks. The radiator’s main task is to keep the engine cool thus radiator maintenance is essential to increase the longevity of your engine.

A boiling radiator can cause serious damage to your engine’s components and footing the bill on something like that might cause your own temperature to go up too. Crucial parts such as head gaskets as well as complete engine failures can also occur. Getting those replaced is not only costly but also time intensive. Being without a car in Fort Worth, Mansfield, Arlington or even Grand Prairie can be frustrating.

At Nu Way car center in Arlington, our team of competent, certified mechanics make us unparalleled within the industry. We provide comprehensive system inspection to establish the type of work that would be required on your radiator. From SUV’s to exotic cars we help keep businesses, families and individuals running. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or stop by our facility to get your car checked out for free.