As suspension repair experts in Arlington, the technicians at Nu Way car center are better equipped and experienced than most in Texas. We tackle suspension work from all angles including coil springs, welding and leaf springs.

Before operating on any sort of vehicle, we do a thorough inspection to make sure each and every component of your suspension is healthy. The complete system evaluation includes inspection of shocks, struts and springs for signs of wear and tear. Driving a car with a smooth suspension keeps vibrations extremely low allowing for minimum impact after hitting bumps.

In Texas, the weather conditions can vary on a daily basis. Since the customer’s safety is our top priority we thoroughly inspect brake calipers, pads and rotors too. Axles are also an important part of establishing a smooth suspension. Our complete system evaluation also includes axle check up to see if your car isn’t making a noise every time it turns.

The roads around Fort Worth, Mansfield and Grand Prairie area aren’t exactly perfect. An old suspension, even a new one, which hasn’t been inspected, can lead to an excessively noisy and harsh ride. If you feel like your car is feeling extremely bouncy around corners or even in a straight line, Nu Way car center can help you fix that.

To create the ultimate driving experience it is important pay attention to detail. With the best in-house suspension repair specialists in Arlington, we will make sure your car rides smoother and better than ever before. If you are in need of a suspension expert to operate on your car, contact us for a free consultation.